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electric fence company nigeria

Electric Fence Installation Service

We are professional electric fence installersin Lagos Nigeria. Teksafe uses the latest technology systems for access control security systems. Most Nigerians put up the electric fence mainly to keep the burglars away. It works very well with homes that have a stone walled perimeter wall, all around.

When you, the homeowners have this in place, it give you some psychological satisfaction of being protected and this way, you will be more confident even when leaving the home for work, shopping or vacation.

Our mission is to provide our client’s with a custom made high quality fence at a reasonable price.

What makes an electric fence installed by TekSafe different?

  • We offer competitive prices.
  • We use only square tubing poles with at least seven strands.
  • We only buy equipment from reputable manufacturers.
  • You have peace of mind allowing the staff of Secure All Security on your premises. We do not use temporary staff and you can have peace of mind allowing the staff of Secure All Security on your premises.
  • We take utmost care to do our installations neatly and according to your specifications.
  • We believe in open and honest communication.

electric fence installers in lagos nigeriaThe function of an electric fence is:

  • To deter people or animals from crossing a boundary.
  • To protect the people inside the perimeter.
  • The structure must be secure and of appropriate height.
  • The voltage must be as high as permissible within legal requirements.
  • Should any interference with the fence be detected, a warning alarm that is part of the energizer must go off.
  • The alarm can be linked to armed response for additional security.

Where do we need electric fences and electronic fencing in Nigeria?

  • As a boundary protection at government properties.
  • Securing complexes and estates.
  • Around private dwellings in towns or cities
  • To protect the perimeter of factories.
  • For game farms and nature reserves.
  • To secure the farmhouse and buildings on farms, plots and small holdings.

About TekSafe Security Solutions

TekSafe Security Solutions is a security installation company based in Lagos Nigeria. We sell, install, repair and maintain all electronic security systems on the market. We install the following systems: CCTV cameras, Automatic Gate, Biometric access control, Fingerprint readers, Electric fence installations, Intercom systems, and other safety products

Visit Our Office : 9 Fadeyi Street, Off Obafemi Awolowo Way, Ikeja Lagos

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Teksafe Security Solutions is an industry leading Security Services Provider that offers integrated, intelligence-driven safety and security solutions in Nigeria.

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